With the recent coronavirus pandemic, schools are closing and people are being forced (or choosing ) to work from home. Those who are still headed to the office every day may end up working from home in the near future, depending on how things progress.

Going from office life to working at home can be quite the change for many people. A lot of people really value those water cooler chats and social time with their colleagues.

But, a major benefit of working from home is being able to spend all day, every day in the company of our pets!

Ney Worker Rae Paoletta started a Twitter thread, asking people to share pictures of their “co-workers.”

She said, “For a story: I am putting together a roundup of pets keeping their humans company as folks work from home. Send me pics of your ‘co-workers’ — I think we could all use some cute pet pics rn.”

Work from home employees flooded her thread with adorable photos of their “co-workers” both helping and hindering their workflow. Check it out for yourself: