Ever wish your water would just turn to wine like at that wedding in the Bible? This small town in Italy had just that happen when a mishap at a local winery caused the town’s water faucets to spew sparkling wine instead of water.

Residents of Settecani in Modena, Italy, were confused and shocked when they went to turn their water on and out came wine. Of course, at first, residents didn’t know it was wine. It was just a weird pink liquid that didn’t look like water. But, a Facebook post from local authorities assures everyone it isn’t harmful or dangerous and is safe (as it is just wine).

It says, “let us assure that it was a loss of food liquid (wine) not harmful to the body and without both hygiene and sanitary risks.”

Settecani Castelvetro Winery also posted on Facebook to apologize for the mishap. They went on to say that there was a valve failure that caused Lambrusco Grasparossa sparkling wine to be released from the local water taps. The wine was ready to bottle and posed no sanitation risks.

Some locals were upset about the mishap, feeling as if their drinking water were contaminated. Others saw the absurdity in it all, using the situation to get a good laugh (and a good drink).

With everything Italy is facing amidst the coronavirus, stories like these help bring a little humor and hope to bleak situations.

A few reminders to help reduce the spread of the COVID-19 so other countries don’t have to suffer like Italy:
– Wash your hands following the World Health Organization’s guidelines.
– Use a hand sanitizing spray or gel when unable to wash your hands after visiting public places.
– Minimize travel and exposure to groups of people.
– Remember, the best way to protect the elderly and immunocompromised is to avoid contracting and carrying the virus to the best of our abilities.