Rae the golden retriever puppy was involved in an accidental injury at birth, leaving her with only one ear. As she grew, her one ear migrated to the top of her lead. Because of this, she’s been dubbed the Unicorn Dog.

Despite joining Instagram less than a month ago, in late February 2020, Rae the Unicorn Dog built an audience of close to 30K followers (which is continuing to rapidly grow).

Of course, people are loving Rae.

One person comments, “Get outta here with that cuteness. ?”

Another commenter says, “This is the cutest lil pup I have ever seen omg”

More comments follow saying, “She is sooo cute!!! ??” and ” Omg I love her?? “

Some people are wondering what kind of accident happened to cause her ear loss and Rae’s mother reported to The Vegan Insider saying, “When she was born, we suspect her mom was trying to remove her amniotic sac alittle too roughly, and accidentally tore her skin/ear.”

Newborn puppies are fragile at birth and it doesn’t take much to damage them with over zealous grooming.

A self-proclaimed spam account started a rumor that Rae’s mother played too roughly with her when she was a baby and that’s what caused the accidental ear loss. Unfortunately, some publications used that comment as a basis for their speculations, though it holds no truth at all.

Others are wondering if Rae can hear out of her one ear. The answer? Yes. According to Rae’s Instagram account, she can hear out of the ear and actually has a full ear canal.

We’re so glad Rae is blessing Instagram with her Unicorn Dog presence. It’ll be fun to watch her grow up!

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