Oreos are among vegan’s best “accidental vegan foods” out there. The plain Oreo is a favorite among many vegans and non-vegans alike, for good reason! But now things are getting even better because Oreos just announced the release of two new limited-edition flavors in honor of the new Trolls movie Trolls World Tour.

The first new limited-edition cookie is inspired by the Trolls’ character Queen Poppy. These Queen Poppy cookies are a golden Oreo stuffed with pink creme and glitter.

The second new limited-edition Trolls Oreo cookies are inspired by the character Pop Troll Tiny Diamond. These have a unique take on the classic Oreo with the chocolate cookie we know and love on the outside and a green-colored creme with glitter and popping candy on the inside. Fun symbols are added to the cookies, like cassette tapes (do kids know what those are still?).

As if ALL that isn’t enough, you can get an exclusive Instagram experience with the packaging. Scan the cookie on the Oreo pack and use Instagram’s filter guide to check it out!

We’re not sure how long these Oreo cookies will stay out, but the new Trolls movie releases in April so the clock is ticking!