A toy store called Toy Kingdom in Pensacola, Florida sells live hermit crabs as toys for children. The Toy Kingdom Florida is participating in the hermit crab pet trade, killing thousands of hermit crabs, providing unfit living conditions, and selling them to kids (who usually take poor care of the crabs, resulting in an early death before 1 year of age).

17-year-old animal rights activist Kenzie Como is taking a stand against the Toy Kingdom in Florida, urging them to rethink their use of live hermit crabs and replace them with toy hermit crabs for kids.

She spoke with staff from The Vegan Insider and said, “These hermit crabs are sold with small, plastic carriers and are kept in unsuitable conditions at the store. Land Hermit crabs naturally live as an important part of the ecosystem on various islands, but in the hermit crab pet trade they are captured in mass amounts, kept in horrendous, overcrowded conditions, and oftentimes die before ever reaching stores.”

Toy Kingdom Florida

Kenzie continued, saying, “Hermit crabs are intelligent, social animals that form bonds and friendships with others of their own species. Hermit crabs live close to 30 years in the wild, and only 15 years in captivity when taken care of properly. Most pet hermits crabs live less than a year due to uneducated caretakers.”

Kenzie, local to Pensacola, FL, started a petition to raise awareness of the hermit crab trade and make a difference for the hermit crabs being sold at Toy Kingdom.

Once the petition gets as many signatures as possible, Kenzie and other members of her local DXE chapter are going to hand-deliver the petition in person to Toy Kingdom of Pensacola.

“We hope that this petition will allow Toy Kingdom to realize they don’t have to sell live animals in order to have a successful toy business,” Kenzie told The Vegan Insider.

She continued, saying, “We are encouraging Toy Kingdom to sell toy hermit crabs instead. Live animals should not be viewed as children’s toys or objects. Hermit crabs shouldn’t be in captivity at all, but at the very least they should not be sold in toy stores.”

To make a difference for the hermit crabs and have a direct impact on the Toy Kingdom in Pensacola, sign the petition here and share this with others to sign!

Kenzi Como, the activist making a difference for these living beings.

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