With October approaching, the Holiday Season is almost upon us. First, there’s Halloween, then Thanksgiving, and finally Christmas. Since COVID-19 has changed things up this year, a lot of people have been looking forward to the coming of Fall and Winter – and the new hope of a new year.

Well, Fall is finally here, so that means it’s socially acceptable to start thinking of winter and all that it brings – like Christmas. And it’s never too early to plan for Christmas.

Moving into Christmas of this year, a lot of people are looking to change things up when it comes to holiday decor. Perhaps it’s the unique year, but many are second-guessing getting a full-sized, real tree this year. And that’s where these succulent trees come in.

Photo: Etsy

There are actually a lot of reasons you may want to get a succulent tree to decorate for Christmas.

For starters, they save a lot of space. While there are some giant succulent trees, many are small, measuring just a foot in height. They’re perfect for tiny home or RV life. They could even fit into the van life scene if need be.

But beyond the handy size, succulent trees are also much more environmentally friendly. You don’t have to throw it out once the new year arrives and the tree can actually be taken apart to allow the succulents to be replanted individually. So, you get a cute Christmas tree for the holidays and some gorgeous succulent plants for months (or years) to come!

It’s a win-win and the animals and earth will be grateful.

Check out some of our favorites:

What do you think of these succulent trees? Would you try one out in your own home?