Starbucks is working to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. In a statement, they said, “As a global company, we’ve been closely monitoring the dynamic situation of COVID-19, along with the rest of the world.”

Many of their tactics to slow the spread won’t affect customers’ experiences, but there’s one that will: Starbucks is currently not allowing reusable cups to be re-filled. In addition, you won’t be able to get a “for here” cup.

Despite only allowing the use of Starbucks-provided reusable cups, the company is honoring the 10 cents discount for those who ask to use their own cup or get a “for here” mug.

Image by gwons from Pixabay

Their statement reads, “We are pausing the use of personal cups and “for here” ware in our stores. We will continue to honor the 10-cent discount for anyone who brings in a personal cup or asks for “for here” ware.”

In addition to pausing the use of personal and “for here” cups, Starbucks has also increased sanitation practices, canceled business travels, and delayed large meetings.