I love Starbucks. Their atmosphere, soymilk lattes, and consistency really hits home. Call me basic, but they’re the Sh*t. Now, even more so! Starbucks just announced they’re partnering with Beyond Meat to launch a new Beyond Meat Starbucks Breakfast Sandwich!

Now, for vegans, this doesn’t mean a whole lot. The breakfast sandwich is to feature a vegan Beyond Meat sausage patty, but it will be paired with an egg and cheddar cheese. Ugh!

We’re still excited about this move in the right direction. It IS disappointing that the whole sandwich won’t be vegan, especially since it will reduce sales drastically and possibly hurt the outcome of the experimental phase. However, Starbucks did claim, “We will expand plant-based options, migrating toward a more environmentally friendly menu.” With this new release, we’re seeing them follow through on that promise. We can only imagine the future plant-based options that will become available!

Starbucks showcased a few of their other vegetarian options in the post below:

Their newest Beyond Meat option is set to launch March 3rd, 2020, in 1,300 Canadian stores.

According to Yahoo News, the founder of Beyond Meat said, “We’re thrilled that Starbucks is introducing the Beyond Meat breakfast sandwich as a core menu item at all stores across Canada. The Beyond Breakfast Sausage patty is made using simple plant-based ingredients without GMOs. We believe the offering delivers on our promise of enabling consumers to Eat What You Love while also enjoying the nutritional and environmental benefits of plant-based protein.”

While we won’t be testing this new offering due to the egg and cheese, we’re really happy there’s a new vegetarian option! Progress is key, after all 🙂

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