The CEO of Starbucks recently announced that the company is making a “dominant shift” towards a plant-based menu. Starbucks adding plant-based options is nothing new. However, they may increase vegan food items with their changing menu.

According to VegNews, during an investor earnings call this week, the company’s CEO, Kevin Johnson, announced the decision to include more plant-based options to meet the demand.


Starbucks has been slowly increasing its plant-based and vegetarian options over the years. Just last spring, their featured menu items included coconut milk and a vegetarian wrap. The coffee chain also announced that it’d be introducing a Beyond Meat breakfast sandwich. Unfortunately, that sandwich is only suitable for vegetarians since it contains both eggs and cheese.

While Starbucks does currently have quite a range of options for vegetarians (which is awesome!), options for vegans are really lacking. Thankfully, this new announcement means that’s going to change.

“If I were to say what is probably the most dominant shift in consumer behavior, [it] is this whole shift to plant-based

,” Johnson said. “And that is a shift both in beverage and in food.”

Starbucks Does Trial Of Vegan Options

Acting on the increased demand, and seeing success from the Beyond Burger vegetarian sandwich, Starbucks decided to try something for vegans.

A location in Issaquah, Washington released vegan breakfast options, including an all-vegan breakfast sandwich. And they didn’t stop there. That same location also experimented with offering a vegan quiche alternative made from plant-based “eggs.” They further added chickpea bites and cashew milk cream cheese.

Photo courtesy Linda G Postenrieder

“We use that [store] as sort of a test area when we innovate, create things here in our support center,” the CEO revealed. “We test in that store. So, if I think about both beverage and food, the number one trend I would highlight there is just the consumer shift and consumer preferences around plant-based.”

We’re excited to see Starbucks evolve to accommodate vegan diets! Hopefully those vegan breakfast sandwiches and other goodies make it nation-wide.