Instead of doing a regular “cake smash” photo shoot for their daughter’s first birthday, this Texas couple did a “rib smash.” The rib smash featured a full plate of BBQ ribs and a country-style setting.

Calista, the birthday girl, posed with ribs in the photos uploaded to her family’s Instagram. The caption reads, “A pitmasters daughter does not simply do a cake smash for her first birthday. Ladies and gentlemen I give you the “Rib Smash” Happy birthday to my princess Calista!”

Instagram: madeintexasbbq

For a vegan or anyone who can see the ribs as dead animal ribs, these photos are quite grim and disturbing. Little Calista has no idea she’s killing an animal in the process of her first birthday shoot. It’s definitely something she should be given the choice on when she’s older. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for parents to force murder on their babies and kids in the form of offering meat and dairy.

Based on what we know from the photoshoot alone, her parents are just as great as any. They obviously care about their daughter and are excited about her first birthday! We’re not here to attack them or anyone else. We’re just sad to see these photos gaining popularity and trending, potentially resulting in copycat “rib smashes.”

Instagram: madeintexasbbq

One commenter writes “just want you to be fully aware that we ARE doing this for Gentry’s 1st birthday in July! Get ready!!!”

It’s parents’ responsibility to educate their kids about life topics – food being a massive one. While some parents happily eat animal products as a result of their upbringing and/or choices, it’s still their responsibility to teach their kids the reality of food. Regardless of your personal beliefs on eating animals, your kids deserve to know that their BBQ ribs or chicken nuggets are cows and chickens.

Kids are often very distraught when finding this information out and resent their parents and adults in their lives for not filling them in sooner.

Photoshoots like this one only perpetuate the cognitive dissonance of children who innately love animals but are told it’s normal to kill and eat them.

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