When Alyssa Isabel started sharing her new golden retriever puppy, Porter, on social media, she never would’ve guessed he’d go viral. And while he’s got those adorable puppy eyes going, his claim to fame is a little different.

Alyssa was taking a photo of herself with her new puppy as she’d been doing regularly since getting him. She even started him his own Instagram page.

But upon examining one photo she took, Alyssa was shocked at what she saw.

Porter had what appear to be human-looking butt cheeks.

“I initially didn’t even notice his ‘butt cheeks’ in the picture,” Isabel shared with The Dodo. “A few hours later I got back onto my phone to look at the pictures and I noticed the hilarious image. I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, this is too funny.'”

After she shared the photo on Twitter, it quickly went viral.

People couldn’t get enough, with several commenting on how “thicccc” Porter is. Others turned his adorable “butt” into a meme.

But some tried to figure out why it looks like Porter has butt cheeks. And one such theory is that it’s actually Alyssa’s arm.

While that certainly takes some fun out of it, there’s no denying Porter is one adorable puppy!

Adorable puppy disclaimer: If you’re inspired by cute puppy pictures to get your own puppy, please remember to adopt and save a dog’s life. Pets are big commitments and adorable puppies eventually turn into dogs. It’s not a decision to make impulsively! And you could always work with dogs instead of adopting as a way to get your puppy fix.