Pumpkin is an orphaned Bahamian raccoon who found herself rescued and taken in by two rescue dogs, Toffee and Oreo (and their owners).

When Pumpkin was just a few days old, she fell out of a tree in a family’s backyard. The family watched as the baby raccoon struggled, but they didn’t want to interfere in case her mom was around to come and get her. Unfortunately, no parent raccoons came to Pumpkin’s rescue.

The family ended up calling wildlife officials who confirmed their suspicions – without help, the young raccoon would not survive. Despite having rescued 2 dogs already, Toffee and Oreo, the family couldn’t stand to watch the poor raccoon die in their backyard. They brought her inside and began nursing her back to health.

The family named her Pumpkin and she quickly became a part of the family – making fast brothers with the two dogs in the house. The dogs took her in as family and now the three live happily together with their human adoptive parents.

Quick note: In the Bahamas, there is no law against keeping raccoons and rabies are less of an issue amongst raccoons there. (Please don’t try and keep a raccoon you save if laws in your area prohibit it – there are people trained to handle such animals and aim to get them back into the wild.)

Without further ado, enjoy our favorite pictures of Pumpkin and her rescue dog brothers!