Alaina Holdread brought home a miniature pig named Daisy in 2017. But, within 2 years, Daisy grew from her tiny baby self to 150 pounds – and the Holdreads realized their new family member was not so “miniature” after all.

Unfortunately, many people find themselves in similar situations. Breeders provide misleading information to make sales, often lying about the size potential and lifestyle needs of the pigs.

Alaina spoke with The Vegan Insider, saying:

“I have learned how breeders use lies to make money on so called teacup pigs.

I have learned about what happens to some pigs when they are no longer wanted because they get to big.

I have learned that too many animals are not treated the way they should be treated.”

After making these discoveries, Alaina spoke with her mom, Betty Holdread. She told her mom that she wanted to do something to save the pigs. She wanted to start an organization.

Pink for Pigs launched shortly after. Pink for Pigs is an organization that allows Alaina to sell handmade pig-themed accessories to raise money for pig shelters.

Alaina’s heart for pigs (and animals) doesn’t stop at Pink for Pigs. She’s also made lifestyle shifts around her knowledge of pigs. She spoke with staff from The Vegan Insider and said, “I changed my diet because myself and my family realized how special pigs really are and we couldn’t stand to eat a family member. We are now vegetarians and we are making more and more changes as we learn more.”

Alaina visits animal sanctuaries in her spare time, some of which she sponsors.

Her organization, Pink for Pigs, filed to become a 501(c)(3) organization. If it goes through, they would officially be a non-profit and be exempt from federal income tax.

Alaina explained,

“After bringing Daisy home, we learned more horror stories (on Facebook) that breeders tell them they make good apartment pets – not the case.

The rescues are flooded with pigs. They’re being euthanized every single day because they’re in dog shelters, things like that.”

Thankfully, the Holdreads were able to keep Daisy, despite her growing much larger than anticipated.

Christy Guipe, the owner of a 6.4-acre sanctuary, told GMA,

“We need people like [Alaina] to sponsor these pigs, otherwise all the financial responsibility is on us.

Most were surrendered by families who were told they’d make good pets. The owners, they cry when they hand over the pig, but then they’re gone.

It’s not illegal. It’s just people take them home, but they’re not zoned for them.”

It’s clear Alaina has a passion to make a difference and a heart for animals.

To support Alaina’s incredible organization, head to the Pink for Pigs Facebook page.