Dogs are often known to be the goodest of boys – being friendly with everyone and everything. We see the innate gentle spirit of dogs revealed in stories, such as the golden retriever who befriended a baby deer and the big dog who befriended a rat. While dogs may become aggressive due to abusive breeding (like for dogfighting) and when protecting themselves and loved ones, they seem to regularly surprise us with their kind and gentle nature.

This german shepherd is one such dog who has a soft spot in his heart for a much smaller family – owls. Ingo the german shepherd has a unique way of building trust with animals – as many view him as a predator. According to Ingo’s owner:

A friend had a buzzard that was very afraid of dogs (this is not unusual).
I just let Ingo do it and he walked around for half an hour and never looked at the buzzard.
The buzzard didn’t even notice that Ingo came closer and closer.
He so cleverly created trust without the buzzard noticing and at the end Ingo lay proudly next to him and the buzzard losts his fear.

Ingo is particularly fond of owls though!

Ingo and his pal Poldi have many adventures together and make quite the duo.

The two have many peaceful moments together enjoying nature – captured by their photographer momma.

Enjoy these stunning photos of Ingo and his owl pal.