Dogfish just launched the world’s nationally distributed oat milk-centric hazy IPA. The oat milk hazy IPA is the first of its kind and is hitting stores across the nation.

Hazy-O is suitable for vegans and those with lactose sensitivity (many hazy IPAs contain lactose). It’s made with four different kinds of oats: malted oats, rolled oats, naked oats and oat milk.

oat milk hazy ipa

According to their website, the malted oats make for a “dreamy cloudiness.” The rolled outs provide a “silky mouthfeel.” The naked oats add a “toasted and nutty flavor.” And finally, the oat milk creates an “amplified haze and mouthfeel.”

Oatmilk has been steadily growing in popularity. Because of this, Dogfish wanted to make something that IPA lovers and oat milk lovers could really enjoy: enter, Hazy-O!.

“Hazy-O! highlights the magic found at the intersection of two unique, but unexpectedly complementary trends – the simultaneous, explosive growth of hazy IPAs and plant-based milks,” they said.

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The oat milk hazy IPA has rich notes of citrus, mango and pineapple. It can be equally enjoyed by craft-beer connoisseurs, wellness consumers, lactose sensitive consumers, AND vegans.

It’s currently available across the nation in 6 packs of 12oz cans. You can find the closest Hazy-O! to you using the fish finder.

What do you think of the oat milk hazy IPA? Are you excited to try it? Let us know!