Newborn humans can be cute when they’re photographed sleeping in cute little clothes with their tiny hands. But, what’s cuter than that? Apparently, baby goats. Sherry Pratt of Moments Whispered regularly photographs newborn humans. Now, she’s stretched her portfolio to include goats!

In February 2020, Pratt (based in Columbia, California) shared about the experience. She revealed that she’d visited the Spenker Family Farm in Lodi, California and photographed the baby goats there.

“The day was sunny and bright and all the Momma Goats were waiting in the wings to deliver,” Pratt blogged. “Each weighted down with bellies about to burst. As we took pictures of the new kids, we heard a bunch of ‘Naaaa! Naaaa’s, so we went out to see what the ruckus was. Well, a Momma was giving birth. One then two very healthy babies were born right there for us to see. The miracle of birth is never boring…We ewwed and awwed over the new arrivals and then went back to capture more cuteness.”

While we don’t support the use of animals as products and business (as in the case of the Spenker Family Farm), getting people to see a new side of animals that may touch their hearts in a different way can be helpful to bring people to reduce animal products. I mean, who would want to steal the mother’s milk from these little goats?

In case you want a little more baby goat in your life, enjoy these photos that futher prove goats are one of the cutest little critters on earth.