Andy Davis was up early one morning when he glanced out the door of his Conifer, Colorado home. And what he saw was something totally unexpected.

While Davis often sees wildlife near his home, like deer and elk, seeing a group of mountain lions on his porch was definitely out of the ordinary. According to Storyful Rights Management, Davis said this was the first time he had ever seen a mountain lion. And it wasn’t just one mountain lion, but four!

Photo: YouTube / Storyful Rights Management

So, he put down his morning coffee, put his planned morning workout on pause, and grabbed his phone and began to record.

The mountain lions were casually exploring his deck, sniffing his plants, and weaving through his patio furniture. One even jumped up onto the porch railing!

mountain lions invade porch
Photo: YouTube / Storyful Rights Management

Thankfully, Davis knew better than to go outside and confront them. Mountain lions are strong, and one, let alone four, could easily take down a human if threatened (or hungry). Plus, had he put himself in a position to be injured or endangered, there’s a chance authorities would’ve been called to kill the mountain lions. But, he did the safe thing and stayed inside and filmed for the rest of the world to enjoy.

Check it out for yourself: