MorningStar Farms, a child company of Kellogs, recently announced its commitment to be 100% vegan by 2021. According to Kellogs announcement, “MorningStar Farms® announces its commitment to convert the entire portfolio to be 100 percent plant-based (vegan) by 2021, further increasing the accessibility of great-tasting plant-based offerings and reducing the use of over 300 million egg whites annually.”

While MorningStar Farms has readily offered great-tasting vegetarian options, many of their products contained eggs (or egg whites). As mentioned in their announcement, this switch from vegetarianism to veganism will reduce the world’s egg demand by 300 million! WE ARE CHEERING!!

To put that further into perspective, MorningStar will be decreasing demand by ~10,909 hens.

Until now, MorningStar Farms was something almost exclusively for vegetarians. Not only will their new release bring fresh options for vegans but also for meat lovers (even vegans who enjoy the taste of meat!). Their INCOGMEATO line is aimed to be “meat” like and 100% vegan.

Definitely spread the word, MorningStar Farms is doing the right thing, let’s give them the applause they deserve!

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