Michael Bublé is popular for his Christmas songs. He performs hits, like “All I Want For Christmas Is You” and “Santa Clause Is Coming To You.”

While most of his audience is made up of humans, he recently discovered he has a fan base of gorillas as well.

The silverback Western Lowland Gorillas at the Werribee Open Range Zoo listen to Michael Bublé’s Christmas album, Christmas album. They enjoy the music year-round, thanks to the keepers at the zoo who are willing to play the albums for them!

Bublé was touring Australia with a 36-piece-orchestra when he stopped by the zoo to perform a live concert for the special silverbacks.

According to UNILad, “Gorilla keeper Ben Gulli said he believes it’s the singer’s low tones they like, as it mimics their ‘pleasure grumble’.”

The Werribee Open Range Zoo is home to three of the silverback Western Lowland Gorillas, Ganyeka, Yakini, and Motaba. The website provides ample information on the silverbacks, reading, “Western Lowland Gorillas are usually led by one dominant silverback male, though in large groups there can be more silverbacks. These include younger, non-dominant males, who may eventually move off and live alone. Just like us, gorillas make many sounds to communicate with each other.”

For some reason, these gorillas really enjoyed Michael’s music and concert. He had the ability to communicate with them in a way they felt receptive to, through his music.

Are you going to be performing live concerts for your animals now?