Most people enjoy both mac and cheese and ice cream. Separately. In fact, these two foods get raved about quite a bit, it’s almost like they have their own fan clubs. 

As a vegan, combining regular ice-cream with mac and cheese sounds quite disturbing. Apparently non-vegans are feeling the same way! Small victory? 

Chuck Wendig stumbled across some mac-and-cheese-flavored ice cream and shared his thoughts with Twitter. 

He says, “You cannot freeze pasta. It turns into fucking ice marbles. Damn near broke my teeth on this shit.”

Pasta aside, he did enjoy the actual ice-cream part, saying, “Like, cheddar sweet cream ice cream is actually pretty fucking good. The base is amazing. Sweet-but-normally-savory-cheese is a real damn thing and I support it.” 

I, for one, am glad his overall review was that it was a mistake! However, his comment about supporting the cheesy ice cream was disheartening, as in 2020 we know there are a million and one reasons to avoid dairy products. 

That said, we live in a world where non-dairy ice creams are abundant and becoming more accessible and closer to the real thing than ever before! 

So, if a non-dairy version of the mac-and-cheese-flavored ice cream hits the market, will you try it?