Dot and Specks, two adorable black kittens, were found huddled together in a park in London during a harsh winter storm. The kittens were only 4 months old when found.

According to BlueCross, when the two kittens were brought into the Blue Cross Animal Hospital they were cold, hungry, underweight, and covered in fleas.

Blue Cross/Dot&Specks

In addition to their dire conditions, Specks suffered additional health problems, including cataracts in his eyes and a nervous system condition called cerebellar ataxia.

With cerebellar ataxia, Specks suffers shaking and lack of balance, in addition to having little-to-no-vision due to cataracts.

BlueCross notes that Specks would’ve probably died had it not been for Dot cuddling him to keep warm, saying, “I don’t think Specks would have survived without Dot. He cannot see, and his condition means that he would have been very easy prey. He would have been unaware of dangers around him like traffic, wild animals and cold weather.

Blue Cross/Dot&Specks

Dot was found huddled up with his brother and I really think he stayed with Specks because he knew how much he needed him. He could have left him, but he never did.”

Though Specks will continue to suffer from his health conditions, he’s doing well and the brothers will be up for adoption soon!