Trending internet cats have been a thing since the dawn of time – or, at least since the dawn of social media. People love Grumpy Cat, touching cat stories, and unique and rare cats. The latest cat? His name is Ikiru.

According to Ikiru’s Instagram bio, he’s an “exotic shorthair boy cat.” Being an exotic breed isn’t the only unique aspect of him. Though not formally diagnosed with an underlying cause for this behavior, Ikiru often forgets to shut his mouth all the way – resulting in his tongue hanging out of his mouth.

This unique trait creates adorably funny photos and Ikiru has gained over 50,000 Instagram followers in the last 30 days alone. Many are raving fans, creating artwork of the goofy, yet adorable, cat.

Check out these photos of Ikiru for yourself!

Ikiru puts on quite the pouty face, but it’s hard to be mad at something so cute. And who could take him seriously with his tongue hanging out?

Check out this fan art created in his honor. These artists are truly talented!