A mother lioness gave birth to two adorable cubs at the White Lion Park in Vladivostok, Russia. But shortly after, she rejected her two cubs. After the zookeeper shared a frightening video of the mother biting one her cubs, the staff quickly decided to remove the cubs from her care (or lack thereof).

Thankfully, the White Lion Park is home to a German shepherd who’d recently given birth to her own puppies. And the staff decided to introduce the lion cubs to the mama dog. They wanted to see if, by any miracle, the dog would adopt them. And it worked!

The staff were skeptical at first, but their efforts paid off. “It is interesting that this dog doesn’t like cats, yet she decided to accept the little African lions into her family,” said Agafonov, one of the cat keepers, according to The Daily Mail.

The cubs’ new adoptive mom even went as far as to share her milk with them. And the staff at the White Lion Park took to Instagram to assure the public that the dog’s milk was the best option. They said it’s nutritionally adequate for the cubs since they couldn’t be drinking their own mother’s milk.

It’s rare for a mom of one species to adopt and foster babies from another, but it just goes to show the connection we all have in this crazy world. And understandably, the photos of the unlikely family are quickly going viral online.

And while this unlikely pairing cannot last forever, they’re enjoying each other and their new family dynamic for as long as is safely possible.

Check out the video of the dog with her new cub pups below: