One lucky golden retriever puppy made an unlikely friend when a baby deer came up and said hello.

The little fawn gave the confused golden retriever a little kiss on the nose. Despite his puzzled look, we can imagine the puppy appreciated the sweet affection.

The stereotype of fawns is not outgoing or overly friendly. In fact, baby deer (and deer in general) are notoriously shy, elusive, and quick to dart away from strangers. This little puppy should be so special the fawn took such a liking to him!

A friend of mine has a Golden Retriever that recently made a new friend. from r/aww

The photo of the moment quickly spread on Reddit with hundreds of people commenting on the picture.

Many people speculated what the deer could be whispering to the golden retriever puppy to cause his expression.

“The rate of collapse of the world trade center buildings violates the law of conservation of energy,” wrote one person.

“Earth is flat,” wrote another. “The moon landing was filmed in California,” a third chimed in.

Others thought the photo was heartwarming.

“Seriously, adorable — even the dog’s slightly frightened eyes,” said one commenter. Another wrote, ” Is there anything that goldens can’t bond with?” The answer to that is no. There is nothing. They are the goodest of boys.