Dracula parrots aren’t your typical green, red, and blue birds. They are true parrots, though it’d be hard to tell going off their looks alone. Their dark, eery looks give them their name: Dracula parrots. It’s easy to imagine them perched with a villain, drinking a Goth Latte.

These birds are native to New Guinea.


As if their coloring wasn’t creepy enough, the Dracula parrot’s call sounds like growling with the occasional drawn-out scream. *shudders* Yeah.

Other names for this parrot include the Vulturine Parrot and the Pesquet’s parrot.


According to Parrots.com, “The Pesquet’s Parrot is one of three parrots with bare (featherless) faces. It is thought it has evolved this way to avoid feathers becoming matted with the fruit pulp the parrot feeds on.”

Unfortunately, their populations are declining. The Dracula parrot is currently labeled as “Vulnerable” due to its decreasing populations. 

What can you do to help these birds? Eating fewer animal products makes a massive positive impact on the environment, rainforests being a huge part of that! Every meal you eat without animal products helps these birds, as their habitat is that much healthier and the norm of using animals is that much weaker.