Kimi’s mom was greatly distraught after finding the golden retriever had chewed her passport to shreds just a month before her planned trip to Wuhan, China.

Kimi’s mom was supposed to travel from Taiwan to Wuhan for a family trip, but due to Kimi ruining her passport, the trip had to be canceled.

Kimi knew her owner was upset with her.

However, the anger didn’t last long. A new development soon took place right in Wuhan: the coronavirus outbreak.

Of course, a virus outbreak isn’t something that can be planned. Perhaps Kimi knows something we don’t?

Reports began to spread about the new strain of virus and more cases began popping up in Wuhan, right where Kimi’s owner was planning to travel to.

Kimi’s owner soon took to Facebook to thank her dog for ruining her trip.


Kimi ruining the passport was truly a blessing in disguise. Kimi’s owner and family were still able to get together but in a safer location.

Had Kimi not taken the heroic action of ruining her owner’s trip and risking getting scolded, things may have turned out very differently for her owner and her family.

When disappointments happen, remember, it may be a blessing in disguise.