You can only imagine the shock one owner experienced when coming home to find her dog in the midst of a massacre scene. The pooch lay on the ground covered in what appeared to be blood – but what was actually brightly colored dragon fruit.

The corgi had fallen asleep with a full belly after feasting on the dragon fruit that stained his coat blood red. While it sounds like the dog had a blast, can you imagine coming home and finding this?

Photo: Twitter/chrissytwittwit

As most would, the owner initially assumed the worst – a massacre had taken place and her little corgi was covered in blood and guts. Thankfully, he wasn’t actually harmed in the slightest.

Photo: Twitter/chrissytwittwit

Shock factor aside, I’m sure the worst part was cleaning the sticky fruit out of his fur.

With everything going on in the world right now, stories like this sure brighten the day!