Costco has a raving fan base, and many vegans love Costco for its killer produce deals, bulk buys, and speciality goods. Plus, who doesn’t love a vegan acai bowl from the food court?

Costco-themed pajamas are the latest trend, and the vegan community is pretty disappointed in the result.

The pajamas showcase various Costco scenes, including a woman with a large bottle of wine, two people carrying some pizza, TVs, a man reclining comfortably, a massive tub of pretzels, free samples stands, and….the world’s largest T-Bone Steak, hot dogs, and meat counter.

Overall, the pajamas are pretty cute. They were a big hit, too, selling out quickly. The meat counter scene is hard to overlook, though.

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With the pajamas featuring red, the blood really stands out, making it hard to look at. There’s no way we can imagine the giant steak is a MorningStar meat sub.

I think all animal lovers (i.e. vegans and aspiring vegans) would agree that it would be nice for Costco to release less gruesome pajamas. We want to sport the look, too!

What do you think? Would you wear these pajamas anyways? Would it bother you too much? Leave a comment and let us know!