Our favorite part of Costco is the free samples. Well, the vegan ones anyway. Free samples have been a huge benefit of leisurely browsing Costco for people and now Costco is looking to temporarily suspend its food samples due to coronavirus concerns.

Costco has not yet released an official statement saying that it’s suspending samples, but some inside sources have hinted that it’s true.

“My mother in law is a sample lady for CDS at Costco in Santa Maria California and today was told they will not be serving samples for the foreseeable future. Costco is allowing CDS workers to work at the warehouse in various other capacities until samples are resumed,” reported one Reddit user.

Staff with hip2save spoke with a manager of Costco and confirmed the location was suspending food samples with no date of restarting them. According to the manager, Costco is waiting to see how the coronavirus situation unfolds before making plans to offer free samples again.

Despite Costco suspending food samples, it’s still possible to go and enjoy a reasonably priced meal. The Costco food courts will still be open!