Intruder Breaks into Senior Citizen’s Home not Knowing she’s a Black Belt in Martial Arts

Intruder Breaks into Senior Citizen’s Home not Knowing she’s a Black Belt in Martial Arts

A burglar had a shock attack when he broke into the home of 67-year-old Lorenza Marrujo – and discovered she was a black belt with more than 2 decades of martial arts training.

According to an interview Marrujo conducted with CBS Los Angeles, the intruder first broke into her apartment. And as he was approaching her, she calmly and confidently told him to “back off.” Realizing that, despite her 5ft tall petite frame, she wouldn’t be an easy target, the intruder left.

But unfortunately, he didn’t leave the apartment complex entirely. Instead, he made his way to the neighbor’s apartment, 81-year-old Elizabeth McCray.

“He grabbed me and shook me, and I went down on the floor,” McCray said in the interview.

Hearing the cries for help, Marrujo dialed 911 and ran to her neighbor’s aid.

Photo: YouTube / CBS Los Angeles

She quickly positioned herself between McCray and the intruder before jumping on him and punching him.

“I squeezed myself between her and him. I put mama on the side, and I jumped on him, and I was punching him and everything,” Marrujo said. “And I had the cane against his throat.”

“He lifted up and tried to twist my hand. At the same time, I twisted his and turned it around real fast,” Marrujo continued. “And he was saying, ‘you’re hurting me, you’re hurting me.’ And I said, ‘I don’t care. I don’t care what happens to you. You had no right to hurt an elderly person.'”

She admitted that she didn’t plan to kill him, but just detain him until authorities could arrive.

McCray was in disbelief of her neighbor’s bravery and said to be careful and “he’s going to kill us both.” But Marrujo wasn’t worried. “Not tonight,” she replied.

Marrujo held the intruder captive until police arrived and took him into custody.

Watch the full interview below:

Man Brings Home Fox After Mistaking It For A Puppy

Man Brings Home Fox After Mistaking It For A Puppy

In the UK, a construction worker thought he was doing a good deed by rescuing a puppy from a building site. Later, he discovered the puppy was actually a fox cub.

The worker took the little critter home where he quite quickly discovered it wasn’t a puppy he’d rescued at all, but a baby fox who only resembled a small little dog.

The worker got a hold of the RSPCA when he realized it wasn’t a puppy in his care.

“The worker was on a building site in Speke when he came across what he initially thought was an abandoned puppy and as he could see no mother around he took him home,” Matt Brown, an animal welfare officer, told Metro.

The fox cub was taken in by an animal care organization. The organization took the cub to the vet where it was confirmed he was both a fox and only less than a month old!

According to the Metro, the little fox cub is going to be housed at the RSPCA’s Stapeley Grange Wildlife Centre in Nantwich. There, he’ll be able to grow a little and be released back into the wild.

Lisa Vanderpump Voices Concern For Dogs Amidst Coronavirus

Lisa Vanderpump Voices Concern For Dogs Amidst Coronavirus

Lisa Vanderpump, who runs her own rescue center called The Vanderpump Dog Foundation, recently voiced concern for dogs during the coronavirus pandemic. While many people are finding themselves home and opting to foster, many are also getting rid of their dogs and contributing to crowded shelters.

Lisa shared the realization with TMZ Live on Monday. And while it may seem like a terrible deed to offer up a dog during a time like this (or anytime), most people do it out of practicality and not to be cruel. According to TMZ, “Lisa tells us that a lot of folks are simply losing their jobs right now, and they might foresee an unfixable situation when it comes to caring for their canines. As such, they’re getting ahead of it and leaving ’em at the pound — and that can be very sad news for those that don’t get adopted.”

As expected, there are also many who are adopting (quite suddenly since they’re home for this period) and quickly regret the decision. Fostering is a great way to temporarily alleviate the stress put on rescues and animal shelters during this pandemic – though, fostering anytime is also helpful. Fostering allows you to take a dog in with no long-term commitments. When it’s time to go back to work, you can arrange to return the dog to the shelter (or hope it’s been adopted by then!).

Right now, many shelters are missing their volunteer staff due to social distancing guidelines and many shelters are also receiving an influx of dogs. It’s a lot of strain for these amazing entities and fostering a dog can really help out. Who knows, you may end up with a #fosterfail and find your forever best friend in the process!

Modern Family Dog Stella Has Died

Modern Family Dog Stella Has Died

Her real name was Beatrice, but fans around the world know her as Stella. The adorable French Bulldog played Stella on the hit show Modern Family.

The dog passed away just a few weeks after the show ended and was around 10 years old, according to The Blast.

Good Dog Animals – the company that owned Beatrice – posted the news on Twitter. They said, “With deepest regrets that we have to inform you all that we lost our beloved Beatrice. Our hearts are broken and we are devastated. It was way to soon, but we are happy in knowing how many lives she affected. She will always be our brightest star! 🌟 #modernfamily #moderndog”

Jesse Tyler Ferguson, who played Mitch on Modern Family, then tweeted a photo of himself with Beatrice, saying, “Rest in peace sweet Beatrice. We love you so much.”

Ed O’ Neil’s character (Jay Pritchett) pampered Stella in the show. And, according to Beatrice’s real owners, the man and dog were as close off screen as they were on screen.

Guin and Steve Solomon, from Good Dog Animals, said, “Ed O’Neill is in love with her! It’s very easy working with him because he brings Beatrice treats like popcorn and always looks out for her – like we’ll be doing scenes in the backyard by the pool and in between takes he’ll say, ‘Would you please get Beatrice an umbrella, she’s in the sun!'”

Photo: Good Dog Animals

Modern Family wasn’t the only show Beatrice starred in. She had additional appearances in both Crazy Ex-Girlfriends and Workaholics.

Founder Of Trader Joe’s Dies At Age 89

Founder Of Trader Joe’s Dies At Age 89

He put the “Joe” in Trader Joe’s and created the specialty discount store we know and love. Joseph Coulombe, the founder of Trader Joe’s, passed away at the age of 89. He founded the first store in 1958 in Pasadena, California.

The New York Times states, “[he] died on Friday at his home in Pasadena, Calif. He was 89. The death was confirmed by his son, Joseph.”

Coulombe initially opened Trader Joe’s as a store for those who were more educated and wanted better products, but on a budget. He specifically wanted to feature international products and alcohol.

What began as a journey to differentiate his business from the masses, soon turned into the popular store we know and love today. Coulombe actually owned a small chain of stores before Trader Joe’s – When he realized he couldn’t keep up with the regular market, the idea for Trader Joe’s was born.

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Thank You, Joe.

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According to Deadline, “Coulombe sold Trader Joe’s to German supermarket company Aldi in 1979, but remained CEO until 1988.”

Despite stepping down from the role of CEO over 30 years ago, Trader Joe’s caters to the same needs and values as the day it opened.

RIP Joe Coulombe. Your legacy is living on!

Michael Bublé Performs Private Concert For Zoo Gorillas

Michael Bublé Performs Private Concert For Zoo Gorillas

Michael Bublé is popular for his Christmas songs. He performs hits, like “All I Want For Christmas Is You” and “Santa Clause Is Coming To You.”

While most of his audience is made up of humans, he recently discovered he has a fan base of gorillas as well.

The silverback Western Lowland Gorillas at the Werribee Open Range Zoo listen to Michael Bublé’s Christmas album, Christmas album. They enjoy the music year-round, thanks to the keepers at the zoo who are willing to play the albums for them!

Bublé was touring Australia with a 36-piece-orchestra when he stopped by the zoo to perform a live concert for the special silverbacks.

According to UNILad, “Gorilla keeper Ben Gulli said he believes it’s the singer’s low tones they like, as it mimics their ‘pleasure grumble’.”

The Werribee Open Range Zoo is home to three of the silverback Western Lowland Gorillas, Ganyeka, Yakini, and Motaba. The website provides ample information on the silverbacks, reading, “Western Lowland Gorillas are usually led by one dominant silverback male, though in large groups there can be more silverbacks. These include younger, non-dominant males, who may eventually move off and live alone. Just like us, gorillas make many sounds to communicate with each other.”

For some reason, these gorillas really enjoyed Michael’s music and concert. He had the ability to communicate with them in a way they felt receptive to, through his music.

Are you going to be performing live concerts for your animals now?