This Brass “Hygiene Hand” Tool Acts As A Substitute For Human Hands On Public Surfaces

This Brass “Hygiene Hand” Tool Acts As A Substitute For Human Hands On Public Surfaces

With the COVID-19 pandemic sweeping the world and changing our everyday lives, at least temporarily, hygiene has moved to the forefront of many minds. To help slow the spread of the pandemic, it’s important to practice proper handwashing, use a hand sanitizer when unable to wash, and practice social distancing. In addition to these practices, there may be other tools we can use to stay as safe and sanitary as possible.

Emergency prep company StatGear Tools recently launched the “Hygiene Hand” tool that acts as a substitute for human hands when interacting with public surfaces.

They announced the tool on their Instagram, saying, “the Hygiene Hand is made from solid brass which is inherently anti-microbial, meaning viruses are unable to naturally thrive. In addition, it’s eco-friendly, durable, and beautiful.”

The tool is designed to help you “touch buttons, sign digital screens, and even open doors WITHOUT the use of your finger/hand touching the same surfaces as 100’s of other people!”

The item is made in the USA and started as a kickstarter campaign with a goal of raising only $5,000. Within 2 days, the campaign grossly exceeded its goal and has earned upwards of $75,000 with 28/30 campaign days left!

Photo: Instagram/startgear

The tool is designed to fit easily on a keychain so it can be carried about in everyday life. Production for the tool will begin as soon as the campaign ends, considering they far exceeded their goal.

What do you think? Do these belong on the keychains of everyone?

You Can Get An Adorable Custom Painted Planter Of Your Pet’s Face

You Can Get An Adorable Custom Painted Planter Of Your Pet’s Face

If you can’t get enough of your pet and could look at him/her all day, every day, you may appreciate a custom painted planter of your pet’s face. While nothing can replace your actual fur baby, these planters are a pretty awesome keepsake – and they’re perfect for the office to look at your pet’s cute little face all the hours you’re at work.

All you have to do is send in a photo of your dog and you’ll receive a custom-crafted planter. The planter is both molded and painted to resemble your pet’s portrait. They’re made out of biodegradable plastic and are not equipped with draining holes – so best for fake plants or some creativity to allow the plants to drain.

The planters come in 3 different sizes and price points. Standard ($99.85), Large ($125.95), and Mega ($179.10).

The planters take 1-2 weeks to ship and shipping is free.

Though the Etsy shop advertises the planters for dogs specifically, they state they can do pretty much any pet upon request. Many people get them as gifts for the dog lovers in their life and are thrilled with the end product.

One review says, “This pot came out so amazing, I am truly in awe! This one is a gift for someone else but, I plan to get one for myself!”

Another reads, “ She did SUCH AN AMAZING JOB!!!! And got it to me before Christmas, like she promised!!! Such incredible work…looks JUST LIKE the dog I gave her a pic of!! Cannot wait to give this gift to my dog loving brother in law!!!”

Other reviews continued in praise, “It turned out amazing ! Definitely impressed and will definitely be ordering more so I can have one of each of my dogs. Loved it!”

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Doggie style! #clientoftheday

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One person even had a custom planted done of her own face!

Photo: Etsy

Toy Kingdom Florida Urged To Stop Selling Live Hermit Crabs

Toy Kingdom Florida Urged To Stop Selling Live Hermit Crabs

A toy store called Toy Kingdom in Pensacola, Florida sells live hermit crabs as toys for children. The Toy Kingdom Florida is participating in the hermit crab pet trade, killing thousands of hermit crabs, providing unfit living conditions, and selling them to kids (who usually take poor care of the crabs, resulting in an early death before 1 year of age).

17-year-old animal rights activist Kenzie Como is taking a stand against the Toy Kingdom in Florida, urging them to rethink their use of live hermit crabs and replace them with toy hermit crabs for kids.

She spoke with staff from The Vegan Insider and said, “These hermit crabs are sold with small, plastic carriers and are kept in unsuitable conditions at the store. Land Hermit crabs naturally live as an important part of the ecosystem on various islands, but in the hermit crab pet trade they are captured in mass amounts, kept in horrendous, overcrowded conditions, and oftentimes die before ever reaching stores.”

Toy Kingdom Florida

Kenzie continued, saying, “Hermit crabs are intelligent, social animals that form bonds and friendships with others of their own species. Hermit crabs live close to 30 years in the wild, and only 15 years in captivity when taken care of properly. Most pet hermits crabs live less than a year due to uneducated caretakers.”

Kenzie, local to Pensacola, FL, started a petition to raise awareness of the hermit crab trade and make a difference for the hermit crabs being sold at Toy Kingdom.

Once the petition gets as many signatures as possible, Kenzie and other members of her local DXE chapter are going to hand-deliver the petition in person to Toy Kingdom of Pensacola.

“We hope that this petition will allow Toy Kingdom to realize they don’t have to sell live animals in order to have a successful toy business,” Kenzie told The Vegan Insider.

She continued, saying, “We are encouraging Toy Kingdom to sell toy hermit crabs instead. Live animals should not be viewed as children’s toys or objects. Hermit crabs shouldn’t be in captivity at all, but at the very least they should not be sold in toy stores.”

To make a difference for the hermit crabs and have a direct impact on the Toy Kingdom in Pensacola, sign the petition here and share this with others to sign!

Kenzi Como, the activist making a difference for these living beings.

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McDonald’s Offers Beef And Cheese Scented Candles

McDonald’s Offers Beef And Cheese Scented Candles

McDonald’s has what’s called the “Quarter Pounder Fan Club.” The whole restaurant chain is as un-vegan-friendly as they come, and this club goes to show just that. However, some believe these candles, offered exclusively to members of the Quarter Pounder Club, are actually a positive move for veganism.

For the fan club, McDonald’s released a set of 6 candles. Supposedly, when burned together they smell like a Quarter Pounder.

The individual scents include: Bun, Ketchup, Pickle, Cheese, Onion, 100% Fresh Beef.

While this combination may make some of us queasy, there’s a fair share of vegans (and aspiring vegans) who once enjoyed McDonald’s and the Quarter Pounders. These candles may actually be a great thing, allowing people to indulge in the scent of animal cruelty without actually partaking in it! It could go the other way, too, though. These candles could encourage people to actually go to McDonald’s and buy a burger.

We’re firm believers that everyone is different and unique. What works for some people may not work for others and vice versa. If these candles help someone to enjoy the experience of McDonald’s without actually eating or purchasing the food, we’re all for them!

What do you think?

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This Chocolate-Egg Scented Candle Is Perfect For Vegans

This Chocolate-Egg Scented Candle Is Perfect For Vegans

If you love chocolate as much as we do, you may feel you’re missing out around the Holidays. After an adjustment period, many vegans don’t have any desire for milk chocolate and wouldn’t enjoy the taste. But, some will always be drawn to the holiday chocolates at Christmas, Halloween, and Easter, among others.

Even those who would no longer enjoy the chocolates may still feel nostalgic around them. Most holiday-themed chocolates contain milk and leave room for few vegan-friendly options (at least, in the mainstream space).

That’s where Yankee Candle’s new Chocolate Egg Scented Candle comes into play. This candle allows you to enjoy the essence and smell of chocolate easter eggs, without contributing to the dairy industry! Win-Win!

The candles are available to shoppers in the US and UK on Amazon and feature 150 hours of burn time.

The candle description says, “Rich and creamy chocolate eggs with vanilla-scented candy shells, recreating the fragrance of a purely decadent Easter treat. The traditional design of our signature jar candle reflects a warm, relaxed sense of style that’s always at home. Convenient and easy to use, the Large Jar Candle provides hours of true to life fragrance enjoyment. They are also the ideal gift for any occasion.”

These would really make a great Easter gift for the vegan in your life! Or, for anyone who loves the smell of chocolate!

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Costco-Themed Pajamas Feature Steak And Meat

Costco-Themed Pajamas Feature Steak And Meat

Costco has a raving fan base, and many vegans love Costco for its killer produce deals, bulk buys, and speciality goods. Plus, who doesn’t love a vegan acai bowl from the food court?

Costco-themed pajamas are the latest trend, and the vegan community is pretty disappointed in the result.

The pajamas showcase various Costco scenes, including a woman with a large bottle of wine, two people carrying some pizza, TVs, a man reclining comfortably, a massive tub of pretzels, free samples stands, and….the world’s largest T-Bone Steak, hot dogs, and meat counter.

Overall, the pajamas are pretty cute. They were a big hit, too, selling out quickly. The meat counter scene is hard to overlook, though.

Check out –> Vegan’s Rock Pajamas

With the pajamas featuring red, the blood really stands out, making it hard to look at. There’s no way we can imagine the giant steak is a MorningStar meat sub.

I think all animal lovers (i.e. vegans and aspiring vegans) would agree that it would be nice for Costco to release less gruesome pajamas. We want to sport the look, too!

What do you think? Would you wear these pajamas anyways? Would it bother you too much? Leave a comment and let us know!