Live Succulent Nail Art Is A Thing And It’s Pretty Neat

Live Succulent Nail Art Is A Thing And It’s Pretty Neat

Succulents are all over, from home decor to weddings. Now, they’ve made their way to the nail art space.

Artist Arozona is an Australian-based Botanical Artist. She uses plants, largely succulents, in her art. Her latest thing? Succulent nails. And yes, the succulents are alive!

Borg glues the baby succulents to an acrylic nail using Oasis floral adhesive which allows the succulents to stay alive during the process.

The best part? It’s super environmentally friendly!

“The Oasis glue eventually releases and I can plant the baby succulents and they can grow happily,” she told the Huffington Post.

This living nail art is certainly unique and would pair perfectly with a succulent bouquet.

Though the nail art is for special occasions only and not really a “daily wear” style due to the nature of living plants glued to your fingernails, they’re sure fun!

Arozona also uses succulents to create jewelry and decorations.

What do you think? Would you rock these environmentally-friendly nails?

Brides Are Replacing Flower Bouquets With Succulents And It’s Amazing

Brides Are Replacing Flower Bouquets With Succulents And It’s Amazing

Succulents are big in home decor, dorm room decor, pretty much all the decor, and even nail art. They’re adorable, add a pop of color and nature, and the best part? They’re easy to keep alive!

Succulents have now made their way into a new space and the results are stunning. Brides are replacing traditional flower bouquets with a mix of succulents and flowers, and some are just using succulents!

The mixed bouquets are gorgeous! But, these new bouquets are more than pretty. The succulents used in weddings can be replanted and grow as plants, unlike the flowers that quickly die and go to waste.

Full succulent bouquets are actually a really sustainable and environmentally conscious choice!

They don’t all have to be all neutral colors either. Some brides get creative and pair the gentle hues of colored succulents to the wedding party colors. It’s truly beautiful!

Succulent bouquets could tie together a formal, flowerless wedding OR a casual beachy-vibe wedding. They’re perfect for pretty much any vibe or theme.

If you haven’t thought of using succulents in place of flowers, I hope you’ll be considering it now. Imagine all the plants you’ll be adding to your house or yard decor!

If you love the idea of using succulents for a wedding bouquet, you might also be interested to know many weddings are now using them as table decor as well. When using succulents for table decor, guests can actually take them home at the end of the reception and plant them to keep as a keepsake!

If you’re really into it? Consider adding them to your wedding cake. The whole theme could be tied together with succulents, not a flower to go to waste!