Dogs And Cats Ruin Their Owners Home Workouts And It’s Pretty Funny

Dogs And Cats Ruin Their Owners Home Workouts And It’s Pretty Funny

Many of us across the globe are being confined to our homes to help slow the spread of COVID-19. How one person handles home isolation and social distancing is totally different than how another might handle it. While some take comfort in binge-watching Netflix and day drinking, others find comfort in more productive routines and home fitness.

For the latter, many are experiencing their workouts being sabotaged by their dogs and cats! With home isolation, many people are adopting and fostering pets at higher rates than before (though many are also opting to abandon their furry family as well). If you have plans to get your workout on, it may be trickier than you think.

These people tried taking their workout routines home and their pets had something to say about it.

Owl And Dog Become Best Friends And The Photos Are Adorable

Owl And Dog Become Best Friends And The Photos Are Adorable

Dogs are often known to be the goodest of boys – being friendly with everyone and everything. We see the innate gentle spirit of dogs revealed in stories, such as the golden retriever who befriended a baby deer and the big dog who befriended a rat. While dogs may become aggressive due to abusive breeding (like for dogfighting) and when protecting themselves and loved ones, they seem to regularly surprise us with their kind and gentle nature.

This german shepherd is one such dog who has a soft spot in his heart for a much smaller family – owls. Ingo the german shepherd has a unique way of building trust with animals – as many view him as a predator. According to Ingo’s owner:

A friend had a buzzard that was very afraid of dogs (this is not unusual).
I just let Ingo do it and he walked around for half an hour and never looked at the buzzard.
The buzzard didn’t even notice that Ingo came closer and closer.
He so cleverly created trust without the buzzard noticing and at the end Ingo lay proudly next to him and the buzzard losts his fear.

Ingo is particularly fond of owls though!

Ingo and his pal Poldi have many adventures together and make quite the duo.

The two have many peaceful moments together enjoying nature – captured by their photographer momma.

Enjoy these stunning photos of Ingo and his owl pal.

Owner Stunned Seeing Pet Dog In Pool Of “Blood” After Eating Dragonfruit

Owner Stunned Seeing Pet Dog In Pool Of “Blood” After Eating Dragonfruit

You can only imagine the shock one owner experienced when coming home to find her dog in the midst of a massacre scene. The pooch lay on the ground covered in what appeared to be blood – but what was actually brightly colored dragon fruit.

The corgi had fallen asleep with a full belly after feasting on the dragon fruit that stained his coat blood red. While it sounds like the dog had a blast, can you imagine coming home and finding this?

Photo: Twitter/chrissytwittwit

As most would, the owner initially assumed the worst – a massacre had taken place and her little corgi was covered in blood and guts. Thankfully, he wasn’t actually harmed in the slightest.

Photo: Twitter/chrissytwittwit

Shock factor aside, I’m sure the worst part was cleaning the sticky fruit out of his fur.

With everything going on in the world right now, stories like this sure brighten the day!

Rare Golden Retriever Has The Cutest Marking On His Face

Rare Golden Retriever Has The Cutest Marking On His Face

Enzo isn’t your typical golden retriever. He was born with a rare disorder called a pigmented somatic cell mutation. Because of the mutation, Enzo has a giant black spot on his face, making him extremely rare in appearance.

As Enzo’s mom explained to The Dodo, “Golden retrievers are born with a base black coat, with a ‘modifier gene’ that turns them golden. Almost every dog has this modifier. Enzo has a little stumble in his DNA that erased it on that one part of his face.”

Thankfully, the mutation has no negative side effects on Enzo’s health or lifestyle. In fact, the black spot may even benefit him – making him an Instagram star.

Enzo doesn’t know he’s different than other dogs of his breed. He goes about his life being the goodest of boys and people are always stopping to ask what breed he his!

Not only does Enzo love humans, he gets on with cats and kids as well.

What do you think of his cute little face?

Science Explains Why Some Dogs And Their Owners Look Alike

Science Explains Why Some Dogs And Their Owners Look Alike

Much like how long-time couples end up looking like brother and sister, dogs and dog owners often end up looking alike too. It’s not coincidence and there’s science to stand behind it!

Sadahiko Nakajima, a researcher and psychologist at Japan’s Kwansei Gakuin University, studies this phenomenon in-depth and found evidence to support why dogs resemble their human parent(s).

Nakajima’s 2009 experiment took place to see if strangers were able to match dogs to their owners. conducted an experiment back in 2009 to see if strangers were able to match up dogs and their owners. Participants correctly matched the duos with 80% accuracy, going off nothing but a photograph.

According to Simple Most, Nakajima recently created another, more in-depth study. They state, “He created another experiment to test if specific facial features were key to correctly matching dogs and owners.”

Nakajima isolated various facial features and ran several tests. He discovered that without the eyes being visible, accuracy fell to that of random guessing (around 50% accuracy). The eyes were the giveaway to which dog belonged with which human!

Different researches identified owners as being responsible for their dogs looking like them. People choose dogs that look similar to them, on a subconscious level.

So, if you see a dog and his/her owner looking like doppelgangers, now you know the two biggest reasons why!

Now we know all these Instagrammers aren’t crazy – it’s science!

What do you think? Do YOU have a dog look-alike? Drop a picture in the comments!

Rare Condition Makes This Cat Look Like A Bat

Rare Condition Makes This Cat Look Like A Bat

Lucy has 25,000 Instagram fans, probably due to her adorable looks and rare condition that makes her look similar to a bat.

Zilla Bergamini saw Lucy in a video shared by a cat breeder, and Zilla instantly fell in love with the Sphynx cat.

She spoke with Meow AF, recalling how it was “love at first sight.” But, Lucy was actually not for sale because she was sick.

As it turned out, Lucy was diagnosed with hydrocephalus (a condition in which fluid builds up in the brain).

The vet who diagnosed Lucy let the breeder know that he didn’t believe it would be willing to operate on the cat, though other vets might take her on. Despite the news, Zilla suggested she take in the special needs kitten.

Zilla began her preparation for Lucy. She diligently researched all things hydrocephalus, readied herself for potential outcomes of the condition, found top-rated veterinarian neurological centers across the country, and began to build a fund for expenses associated with Lucy and her condition.

Lucy found her home with Zilla in March of 2019 in Haifa, Israel. Zilla was nervous but excited about having Lucy in her life!

Zilla quickly discovered Lucy was not having bowel movements – and was constantly crying.

Lucy’s vet brushed off her lack of bowel movements, saying the cat was possibly “hiding it.” The vet also announced that Lucy would need to take eye drops for the rest of her life.

Zilla followed her intuition and sought a second opinion. Lucy was treated and was finally able to poop! According to MeowAF. Zilla recalled how Lucy “practically leaked poop 24/7 for more than two weeks straight”. Lucy had to wear a diaper at night and be helped by Zilla during the day – high maintenance is an understatement.

Despite the initial challenges, Lucy began to get healthier and her poop situation eventually regulated. Further, it was discovered Lucy would not need eye drops after all!

Lucy is happy and healthy (as healthy as she can be given her condition). She loves going on stroller walks with Zilla.

Zilla explains that cats with hydrocephalus are often euthanized because it’s believed they’ll be too expensive. Lucy and Zilla are out to show that this condition doesn’t have to be a death sentence for a feline!

If you’d like to follow Lucy’s story, go give her a follow on Instagram.