People Can’t Get Over How Cute This Puppy’s “Butt” Is

People Can’t Get Over How Cute This Puppy’s “Butt” Is

When Alyssa Isabel started sharing her new golden retriever puppy, Porter, on social media, she never would’ve guessed he’d go viral. And while he’s got those adorable puppy eyes going, his claim to fame is a little different.

Alyssa was taking a photo of herself with her new puppy as she’d been doing regularly since getting him. She even started him his own Instagram page.

But upon examining one photo she took, Alyssa was shocked at what she saw.

Porter had what appear to be human-looking butt cheeks.

“I initially didn’t even notice his ‘butt cheeks’ in the picture,” Isabel shared with The Dodo. “A few hours later I got back onto my phone to look at the pictures and I noticed the hilarious image. I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, this is too funny.'”

After she shared the photo on Twitter, it quickly went viral.

People couldn’t get enough, with several commenting on how “thicccc” Porter is. Others turned his adorable “butt” into a meme.

But some tried to figure out why it looks like Porter has butt cheeks. And one such theory is that it’s actually Alyssa’s arm.

While that certainly takes some fun out of it, there’s no denying Porter is one adorable puppy!

Adorable puppy disclaimer: If you’re inspired by cute puppy pictures to get your own puppy, please remember to adopt and save a dog’s life. Pets are big commitments and adorable puppies eventually turn into dogs. It’s not a decision to make impulsively! And you could always work with dogs instead of adopting as a way to get your puppy fix.

Bee Population Increasing In US After Years of Decline

Bee Population Increasing In US After Years of Decline

Usually, when bees make headlines, it’s regarding concern over their decrease in numbers. After all, we need bees to help pollinate around 60% of our food crops. So if bees go extinct, human food production would suffer drastically. But 2020 brought some good news for bees, if not much else.

Many states in the US have seen an increase in the number of bees for the first time in years.

According to a USDA report, honey bee colonies were up 8% for operations with 5 colonies or more. The report further demonstrates that some states are seeing growth in colony numbers of upwards of 70%.

Honey bees have been suffering for years, with many blaming pesticides for their sharp decline in numbers. But this year offers a glimmer of hope. And moving forward, we can all do our best to create a bee-friendly environment to continue fostering their growth.

German Shepherd Steps up to Mother two Abandoned Lion Cubs

German Shepherd Steps up to Mother two Abandoned Lion Cubs

A mother lioness gave birth to two adorable cubs at the White Lion Park in Vladivostok, Russia. But shortly after, she rejected her two cubs. After the zookeeper shared a frightening video of the mother biting one her cubs, the staff quickly decided to remove the cubs from her care (or lack thereof).

Thankfully, the White Lion Park is home to a German shepherd who’d recently given birth to her own puppies. And the staff decided to introduce the lion cubs to the mama dog. They wanted to see if, by any miracle, the dog would adopt them. And it worked!

The staff were skeptical at first, but their efforts paid off. “It is interesting that this dog doesn’t like cats, yet she decided to accept the little African lions into her family,” said Agafonov, one of the cat keepers, according to The Daily Mail.

The cubs’ new adoptive mom even went as far as to share her milk with them. And the staff at the White Lion Park took to Instagram to assure the public that the dog’s milk was the best option. They said it’s nutritionally adequate for the cubs since they couldn’t be drinking their own mother’s milk.

It’s rare for a mom of one species to adopt and foster babies from another, but it just goes to show the connection we all have in this crazy world. And understandably, the photos of the unlikely family are quickly going viral online.

And while this unlikely pairing cannot last forever, they’re enjoying each other and their new family dynamic for as long as is safely possible.

Check out the video of the dog with her new cub pups below:

Man’s Porch Invaded by Group of Mountain Lions

Man’s Porch Invaded by Group of Mountain Lions

Andy Davis was up early one morning when he glanced out the door of his Conifer, Colorado home. And what he saw was something totally unexpected.

While Davis often sees wildlife near his home, like deer and elk, seeing a group of mountain lions on his porch was definitely out of the ordinary. According to Storyful Rights Management, Davis said this was the first time he had ever seen a mountain lion. And it wasn’t just one mountain lion, but four!

Photo: YouTube / Storyful Rights Management

So, he put down his morning coffee, put his planned morning workout on pause, and grabbed his phone and began to record.

The mountain lions were casually exploring his deck, sniffing his plants, and weaving through his patio furniture. One even jumped up onto the porch railing!

mountain lions invade porch
Photo: YouTube / Storyful Rights Management

Thankfully, Davis knew better than to go outside and confront them. Mountain lions are strong, and one, let alone four, could easily take down a human if threatened (or hungry). Plus, had he put himself in a position to be injured or endangered, there’s a chance authorities would’ve been called to kill the mountain lions. But, he did the safe thing and stayed inside and filmed for the rest of the world to enjoy.

Check it out for yourself:

Vegan Dog Biscuits Your Dog Will Love

Vegan Dog Biscuits Your Dog Will Love

A lot of dog treats are both unhealthy for your pooch and unnecessarily contribute to animal cruelty (by containing animal products). Thankfully, there’s an easy vegan dog biscuit recipe your dog will love AND it’s healthy for them! Pumpkin dog biscuits are a common homemade dog treat, but often they contain eggs or other animal products. We’ve put together a vegan version of pumpkin dog biscuits to create these delicious and nutritious vegan dog biscuits.

The flax is full of healthy omega-3s that are great for their coat. They’re wonderful as a daily snack, a training treat, or anything else! You can even eat them yourself (though, they don’t have sugar so they may not be to your liking – but add a drizzle of maple syrup and they’re truly not bad!).

So, without further ado, here are vegan dog biscuits your pup will devour!

Image by PourquoiPas from Pixabay

2 cups of whole wheat flour
1/2 cup sweet rice flour
1/2 cup of sweet potato flour
2 tbsp potato flour
1 1/4 cups of oats
1 tsp cinnamon
pinch of salt
1 1/3 cup of pure pumpkin
2 tablespoons ground flaxseed mixed with 6 tablespoons water (to form 2 “flax eggs)
1/2 cup peanut butter (without sugar)

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.
Combine all ingredients in a mixer and mix until thick dough forms.
Press the dough into a thin sheet and cut out the desired shape of your biscuits (you can use cute dog bone cookie cutters or any that you like!).
Lay cookies onto lightly oiled baking sheets and bake at 350 for 12 minutes.
After 12 minutes, turn off the oven and allow dog biscuits to set for 3-4 hours until hard.
Store in an airtight container and let your pup enjoy!

This particular recipe was adapted from Our Little Homestead. They share a video on making pumpkin dog biscuits. Though the recipe is slightly different than ours, the directions are about the same! If you’re a visual learner, check out their video below!

If You’re Not Cleaning Your Dog’s Leash, Here’s Why You Should Be

If You’re Not Cleaning Your Dog’s Leash, Here’s Why You Should Be

We all have items that could be cleaned more often, like our phones, water bottles, and even pajamas. But for the dog owners, then chances are there’s one particularly dirty item in your home that desperately needs cleaning: your dog’s leash. Reader’s Digest reminds dog owners that leashes get dirty fast. If you can’t remember the last time you cleaned yours, it’s past due to be sanitized.

Leashes get overlooked when cleaning things, despite how easily they get soiled. Like anything you touch on a regular basis, your dog’s leash will develop a buildup of microbes and oils from your hands. Plus, let’s be real, your dog is probably contributing to the grime and grub as well, with his/her fur, saliva, mud, and maybe even poop or pee (I’ve seen leashes be dragged around and peed on more than once!). This creates a lovely concoction of germs and nastiness that’s regularly hanging beside your front door.

If you want to determine if your leash needs a cleaning, first think back: when was the last time it was cleaned? If you can’t remember or it was a long time ago, it could use proper sanitization. Or, simply look at it closely. Is it visibly dirty, with mud or hair? If so, it definitely needs to be cleaned. Regardless of how a leash looks, it should be cleaned once a month to prevent germ build-up. How you clean your dog’s leash will depend on what it’s made of!

Image by Mabel Amber from Pixabay

For rope and nylon leashes…

Let it soak in hot, soapy water for around 10 minutes. Rinse it and hang it to dry. For tougher messes, like caked-on dirt, you may need to gently scrub the leash with a soft brush.

Other leashes…

For sturdier leashes, you can easily and safely clean them by throwing them in the washing machine in a delicates bag.

When was the last time you cleaned your dog’s leash?