Munchie is the cat who was found in September of 2019 after being abandoned by his mother. It’s speculated that Munchie was abandoned around the age of 3 or 4 weeks old because he has cloudy eyes, which surprisingly doesn’t affect his vision at all. The kitten (at the time) was taken to the Wolverhampton Veterinary Practice where he met his mom-to-be, Emily Tomlinson. Emily was an employee at the veterinary practice and quickly fell in love with Munchie.

A few months after Emily adopted Munchie, it became apparent the cat had a condition. On Boxing day, 2019, Munchie fell ill and collapsed. It was quickly discovered he had low calcium levels of 0.52 (when the normal range is 1.9).

After further blood work, an even more surprising discovery was made! Emily, 29, wrote on Instagram, “Blood results came back and it looks like I’m a hypoparathyroidism kitten, this condition is so rare!”

Though very little is known of the condition, it’s believed Munchie will live a full and healthy life – he’ll just remain the size of a kitten forever.

You can follow along Munchie’s journey here.

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