Lily flowers are toxic to cats. Many people assume that keeping the flowers out of reach from their furry friends is enough to protect them.

One woman is warning others of the dangers of keeping lilies indoors, even if they’re out of reach of their pets, after her cat died from lily exposure.

Brittany Lynne Schurz from Texas posted on her Facebook in hopes of saving other cats from her own cat’s fate.

Brittany wrote, “They [the lilies] killed our kitten, Liffey.”

She continued, “Unlike sago palms, oleanders, & other common, yet extremely toxic plants, a cat doesn’t need to eat or chew a lily for them to get sick. Keeping them away from her did nothing. A tiny bit of pollen on the floor, licked off of her paw or fur, is all it took. She didn’t show any symptoms until 12 hours before her death, & by then, it was too late to save her without dialysis & 48 hours of hospitalization extreme IVs, medication, etc, & even treatment was no guarantee. Lilies caused her to have complete renal failure, ulcers in her digestive tract, twitches, etc. My poor, beloved girl was killed by a beautiful flower without her ever having to touch it.”

Liffey was only 6 months old when she accidentally stumbled upon the pollen.

Brittany hopes that by sharing her story, other cats (and their owners) may be spared the heartache and death that they had to go through.

“I don’t want your prayers, I want you to SHARE THIS POST, & hopefully save another kitty or two from an untimely, painful death,” Brittany says.

When taking on the responsibility of a pet, it’s our duty to educate ourselves and provide a safe environment for the animal(s). Many are still unaware of the dangers of lilies to cats, even when kept out of reach of the cat. Please share this with everyone you can, it could save a life.