If you’re vegan (or veg curious) and haven’t played around with focaccia, you’re missing out big time. Focaccia is like the Oreo of breads, being perfectly accidentally vegan. The toppings are endless from garlic and olive oil to tomatoes and avocado. It’s the perfect bread for a tasty bruschetta. With the rise of the avocado toast, Instagram is filling with people turning toast into art and one particular Instagrammer’s artistic focaccia touch is taking the Internet by storm.

The bread is beautiful, well planned, and looks delicious. She’s even inspiring others to get creative with their focaccia edible bread art! Based in Toronto, @vineyardbaker is really “Putting the Art in Artisan Breads.”

Creating Bread Art

It’s easy to make vegan edible bread art by adding herbs, vegetables, seeds, and spices. Vineyardbaker even incorporates multiple doughs to create more textures and colors in the bread.

According to Taste of Home, vineyardbaker has a few tips for making your own edible bread art, “[she] recommends letting the dough rise and get a bit “billowy” before pressing delicate ingredients like chive stems into the bread. Brushing the bread with olive oil adds flavor and gives the dough a glossy finishing touch. If you choose to use wet ingredients like juicy cherry tomatoes, she recommends to pat them dry after slicing so they don’t make your bread soggy.”

“Sunflowers and poppy’s create a delight to both the eyes and taste buds. Makes a great center piece for a dinner party ,” she writes, describing this focaccia bread.

This one uses “fresh herbs and thin sliced vegetables and finished with organic olive oil and Maldon salt,” to create the garden aesthetic.

This design features a beach scene with olives, chives, seeds, and onions.

VineyardBaker even makes football rolls!

“Sourdough Salad bread bowls infused with fresh herbs and edible flowers make up this Thin crisp sourdough bowl for salad and you can even eat the dishes,” she says.

Inspired Bakers Try Edible Bread Art

These are proof that man CAN live by bread alone, right?