With the COVID-19 pandemic sweeping the world and changing our everyday lives, at least temporarily, hygiene has moved to the forefront of many minds. To help slow the spread of the pandemic, it’s important to practice proper handwashing, use a hand sanitizer when unable to wash, and practice social distancing. In addition to these practices, there may be other tools we can use to stay as safe and sanitary as possible.

Emergency prep company StatGear Tools recently launched the “Hygiene Hand” tool that acts as a substitute for human hands when interacting with public surfaces.

They announced the tool on their Instagram, saying, “the Hygiene Hand is made from solid brass which is inherently anti-microbial, meaning viruses are unable to naturally thrive. In addition, it’s eco-friendly, durable, and beautiful.”

The tool is designed to help you “touch buttons, sign digital screens, and even open doors WITHOUT the use of your finger/hand touching the same surfaces as 100’s of other people!”

The item is made in the USA and started as a kickstarter campaign with a goal of raising only $5,000. Within 2 days, the campaign grossly exceeded its goal and has earned upwards of $75,000 with 28/30 campaign days left!

Photo: Instagram/startgear

The tool is designed to fit easily on a keychain so it can be carried about in everyday life. Production for the tool will begin as soon as the campaign ends, considering they far exceeded their goal.

What do you think? Do these belong on the keychains of everyone?