Christa Hubbard adopted Peri when Peri was only a few days old. Within the year. Peri had developed a severe eye-infection that led to blindness. Hubbard tried to save Peri’s sight with medications and specialists, but their efforts were in vain.

“We made adjustments to help her as she lost her sight: bowls on a throw rug that make noise, special low roosting bars, an ottoman in the living room to ‘watch’ TV with us in the evening and an extra large ottoman in our room, next to our bed, for her bed,” Christa Hubbard told The Dodo.

Hubbard even went as far as to bring in a chicken nanny when needed.

Christa Hubbard

Taj was Hubbard’s 3-year-old pit bull who quickly stepped up to guide and protect Peri after the blindness set in.

Peri and Taj became inseparable. They took naps together, laid in the sun together, and Taj acted as Peri’s guide dog and seeing eyes.

Taj passed away in 2018. Worried about Peri being without a companion, Hubbard adopted two pit bull puppies, one named Gracie whom took a liking to Peri immediately.

Gracie and Peri became fast friends, Gracie quickly taking over the role as a Peri’s guide dog and friend.

The story of Peri the blind chicken and her two pit bull friends serves as a great reminder that we’re all connected – we all desire love, companionship, and connection to others, regardless of species.