Usually, when bees make headlines, it’s regarding concern over their decrease in numbers. After all, we need bees to help pollinate around 60% of our food crops. So if bees go extinct, human food production would suffer drastically. But 2020 brought some good news for bees, if not much else.

Many states in the US have seen an increase in the number of bees for the first time in years.

According to a USDA report, honey bee colonies were up 8% for operations with 5 colonies or more. The report further demonstrates that some states are seeing growth in colony numbers of upwards of 70%.

Honey bees have been suffering for years, with many blaming pesticides for their sharp decline in numbers. But this year offers a glimmer of hope. And moving forward, we can all do our best to create a bee-friendly environment to continue fostering their growth.