Going out to eat as a vegan may mean eating off the sides menu – lots of french fries. Restaurants that specialize in vegan cuisine are growing in location, but are still hard to find. And, it can be even harder to find a place that offers quality food that tastes, looks, and IS good. If you’re looking for a vegan establishment in the United States that offers just the right mix of ambiance, decor, and dishes – read on.

Favorite 10 Aesthetic Vegan Restaurants

Avo – Nashville, TN

AVO uses locally sourced ingredients, is 100% plant-based, and is even kosher certified! AVO’s mission is to, “showcase a well-rounded dining experience for all by using a balanced approach to health.”

Franchia – New York, NY

Franchia is the vegan sister restaurant of HanGawi, a vegetarian restaurant. The beautiful Asian food dishes feature flowers that add pops of color to the plate. The experience is tied together with a Korean style atmosphere with a “spectacular mural ceiling reminiscent of a Korean Palace.”

Gracias Madre – Los Angles, CA

Whenever I go out to eat Mexican food as a vegan, my order remains the same: a vegetarian burrito with no cream, no cheese, and topped with enchilada sauce. It’s never visually very appealing – but always delicious. Gracias Madre offers a perfect mix of all vegan, authentic Mexican food that’s beautifully plated.

Althea – Chicago, IL

According to its website, Althea serves, “innovative, beautiful plant cuisine set against impeccable views of downtown Chicago and the iconic Magnificent Mile.”

Vedge – Philadelphia, PA

The menu features a few signature dishes but, largely, changes throughout the year to accommodate in-season produce. Vedge is located in an “elegant brownstone home is an intimate setting for inventive vegetable cooking” in the heart of Philadelphia.

The Gold Leaf Collective – Fort Collins, CO

The Gold Leaf Collective boasts Colorado’s best vegan food. All of the meals are locally focused, 100% plant-based, and conscious of diner’s allergies.

Ravens Restaurant at The Stanford Inn by the Sea – Mendocino, CA

The Stanford Inn by the Sea hosts the award-winning Ravens Restaurant. The establishment is 100% plant-based and features local, seasonal cuisine. Enjoy your meal with scenic ocean views, nestled right on the Mendocino coastline. Make sure to book in advance, as the waitlist is often full.

Plum Bistro – Seattle, WA

Plum Bistro offers an atmosphere of chic sophistication and fine service. The menu features innovative, colorful, and creative vegan cuisine.

Plant Miami – Miami, Florida

This vegan restaurant offers a “modern plant-based approach with an emphasis on vibrant organic living foods, with a commitment to the art of conscious cuisine.” The menu features vegan and kosher dishes and the restaurant aims to provide a sustainable dining experience.

Farm Spirit – Portland, OR

Farm Spirit is Portland’s casual fine dining for vegans. The atmosphere is relaxed and airy, with each dish bringing an ambiance of luxury.