Disney’s 101 Dalmations is a story in which the world roots for the animals for a change. The underlying message is very pro-veganism and pro-animal welfare – no one wants the puppies to be turned into a coat for Curela Devil!

Corinne Jones and Tony Collier recreate the movie’s moment where Anita and Roger first meet in an adorable photo shoot.

The Classic Disney Moment

Izabelle, a mastiff mix, and Mookie, a black lab mix stood in for Perdita and Pongo (the original Disney dalmatians). Although not true dalmatians, the pair did a wonderful job posing for the camera and acting their part.

Cornnie and Tony took their first vacation together to Walt Disney World – it was only fitting their milestone moments continued with the theme.

101 Dalmatians Engagement Photos

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The two completed the look with Anita’s book, Roger’s hat, and the soggy hankerchief.

The photoshoot was done around 5 years ago, though the photos are just as adorable today as they were then! Since then, it seems Cornnie has gone onto partner with Walt Disney World and do work with them.